Arizona State University TechStart Scholars Program

ASU and TechStart believe that providing learners with access to high-quality CS coursework is fundamental to developing the next generation of diverse engineers. Together we are providing a full scholarship for all students nominated and accepted into the ASU Scholars Program, to cover the costs of the course Programming for Everyone (CSE 110)


Earn College Credit

You can earn college credit that can be applied to a degree at Arizona State University or transferred to another university.

Peer Mentoring

To help you navigate your journey from high school to college, you'll be partnered with an ASU Peer Mentor. These junior or senior computer science and engineering students can offer academic support, information, skill development, and advocacy.

ASU Support Specialist

Faculty and teaching assistants will provide academic support in your courses, and ASU’s dedicated technology support team will help resolve any issues that arise.

Facebook Group

Through a dedicated Facebook Group, you'll be able to connect with TechStart Scholars across the country, share experiences and inspire and support each other along the way.


Want to Nominate a Student?