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TechStart’s resources were developed to help make computer science easy to integrate into classrooms, regardless of any prior background in CS.

Our Resource Offerings

Our projects hosted on CodeHS are just the beginning of what TechStart offers to educators. From adaptable lesson plans to direct support channels, TechStart provides everything you need to promote passion in creation with your students.

Toolkits for Educators

Leverage approachable lesson plans and other tools that are specifically designed around teaching CS with different subjects.

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Extension Opportunities

Learn about how we're providing pathways to higher education and on-ramps for careers.

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Facebook Group Community

Dive into our exclusive social learning community on Facebook, where we provide personalized coaching and mentorship from TechStart educators across the country.

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Regional Events

Join our regional school events, which include hackathons and training opportunities.

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Previous Projects

TechStart projects and the corresponding toolkits from prior school years are available for anyone to use.

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Toolkits and Lesson Plans

We know that each classroom has its own unique needs. That’s why we want to empower educators to make our computer science experiences their own through easily adaptable lesson plans.

  • Subject-based to provide projects for a variety of educators
  • Collaboratively built with education experts
  • Mapped to competencies for easy classroom integration
  • Flexible file formats for easy editing

Extension Opportunities

TechStart provides a clear pathway to further education and career opportunities, opening the door for your students to explore a limitless potential in computer science — and beyond.

College Opportunities

Educators can nominate their students for the ASU TechStart Scholars Program, a full scholarship that covers the costs of an introductory computer science college course.


Career Connections

Career Connections will working to connect learners from underserved communities with tech career pathways through training and internship opportunities.

Getting Started with Virtual Reality

TechStart provides support for understanding the basics of VR and how to integrate it into your classroom.

Facebook Group Community for Educators

Bringing computer science into the classroom doesn’t come without challenges. Our Facebook Group is exclusively available for TechStart Educators to receive personalized coaching, mentorship from fellow TechStart Educators, and gain access to professional development opportunities.

Community of TechStarter Educators

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Tech and Program Support

Direct Access to the TechStart Team

Pose your questions and feedback to the TechStart Team

Receive personalized coaching and mentorship from fellow TechStart Educators

Gain access to professional development opportunities

Our Events


Our TECH TAKE OVER events center around students perceiving themselves in Tech, sharing careers pathways in the field through keynote speakers, student panels, and hackathon inspired activities!

TechStart College Tours

TechStart opens the doors to educational institutions across the nation, inviting students to explore their local colleges during events.

Teacher Training Events

Our TechStart Team offers teacher trainings to facilitate a thorough understanding of the program projects, lesson plans, and other offerings.