8 Lessons

8-10 Hour Project

No Experience Necessary

Project Overview

In this project, you will investigate how code can be used to generate digital music! With block-coding, you'll develop programs to generate beat patterns, chord progressions, and musical sequences with visualizations!

Lesson Snapshot

  • Learn about how coding and machine learning is being used in the music industry
  • Create your own chords and song using JavaScript
  • Visualize your music in various ways

Skills You Will Learn

  • Block coding in JavaScript

Project Resources

TechStart Educator Toolkit

Our toolkits contain lesson plans to help introduce the idea of coding through the lens of music. Once you sign up for TechStart, please see your personal hub on Code HS to download your resources.

CodeHS Support

The online CodeHS platform provides a toolbox full of support, including student grade-books, progress dashboards, and tutorials. These will help lead to successful facilitation and amazing projects.


To reward our students and teachers, we have built in classroom awards for cumulative success, and the New Frontier Award for student success. Once you sign up for TechStart, please see your personal hub on Code HS for more information.



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