We believe that all students should have access to computer science

Our Approach

Techstart is a three-pillar approach to providing equitable access to high quality computer science programming and pathways to tech careers for all students. These three pillars include:

Virtual Reality

Awards & Opportunities

Role Models

Curriculum Support

  • Virtual Reality

    Techstart inspires participation in computer science through the cutting edge medium of virtual reality. We provide each school with a VR kit, containing the hardware, resources and community connection necessary to leverage high end virtual reality experiences to give teachers the means to build student engagement and enthusiasm for computer science in their classes.

  • Awards & Opportunities

    Techstart provides students and teachers with unique access to computer science related events, opportunities and celebrations to encourage commitment, showcase achievement and foster collaboration across the community. We organize engineering panels, hackathons as well as annual Virtual Reality Summer camp and Techstart Awards events.

  • Curriculum Support

    Techstart partners with organizations specializing in creating high quality computer science curricula and offers curricular support through a grant program. For schools looking to add or supplement their CS curricula, Techstart refers schools to these partner organizations and can cover first year costs for using the chosen curriculum platform in the classroom, including professional development.

Our Impact

Techstart operates in New York City, Washington D.C., Arkansas and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our Partners

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