Learn About TechStart

TechStart aims to spark curiosity for computer science through the creative use of project-based tech experiences, allowing students from all backgrounds to evolve from consumers into creators.

Explore With Us

We believe that an early and engaging introduction to computer science can lead to great opportunities. That is why TechStart works with middle and high school students to explore this innovative field.

Through approachable computer science experiences that leverage technology, we strive to inspire, educate and celebrate the future leaders of our world.

Our Key Pillars


Provide students and educators with approachable, educational tech projects and ongoing support for classrooms.


Encourage shared experiences through online communities and in-person events.


Celebrate student and educator achievements through awards, scholarships and further education opportunities.

TechStart Mission

TechStart is a Facebook education initiative, in collaboration with middle and high schools, that helps students explore computer science through subject-based tech projects.

The Computer Science Journey

Becoming a TechStarter opens up a world of possibilities! Once you’ve signed up to explore our tech projects, your TechStart journey can evolve into further opportunities at your high school, all the way to a university education and industry internship.


Become a TechStarter

The first step of becoming a TechStarter is registering as an official TechStart participant with our partner CodeHS.


Start Building

Our project-based experiences allow anyone to explore basic principles of computer science.


Explore High School CS Courses

If you’re inspired to explore a computer science course, we’ll help you navigate finding options at your high school and local community to keep exploring.


Explore College Opportunities

We're partnering with community colleges and universities to open pathways to higher learning, including free college credit and peer mentoring.


Pursue a CS Career

We have connections with industry internships so that you can start exploring a career in computer science.

The Student Experience

  • Free access to CodeHS projects covering CS in Arts, Sports and Music
  • Creation of original projects that can be shared with friends and family
  • Opportunities for recognition, including the New Frontier Award and becoming a TechStart Scholar

The Educator Experience

  • Free access to CodeHS projects, student progress tracker, and comprehensive Educator Toolkits
  • Access to the TechStart Educators Facebook Group, which includes personalized coaching and mentorship
  • Opportunities for recognition, including various Educator Scholarships

Our Tech Projects

TechStart's projects allow you to explore Arts, Sports and Music through the lens of computer science! Using our interactive learning platform powered by CodeHS, you can follow step-by-step instructions on each project.

Our Educator Resources

We want to position all TechStarters up for success throughout their TechStart journey. That’s why we developed a comprehensive suite of resources for educators — including project-specific lesson plans, facilitation guides, industry mentorship opportunities and exclusive regional events.

Our Partners

TechStart collaborates with partners that add expertise in curricula development, school recruitment, and technology training, all of which are designed to provide the best overall experience for students and educators alike.

How We Partner

We provide additional support for schools in specific regions, supported by non-profit partners and state government agencies.

Want to Partner With Us?

We’re always interested in speaking with organizations who share our dedication to closing the gap in technology for those traditionally underrepresented in computer science.