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Every learner and educator should have the opportunity to explore the world of computer science. TechStart is a Facebook initiative that offers introductory coding projects to middle and high schools, with the mission to inspire and support the next generation of diverse tech leaders. At TechStart, it all starts with you!

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TechStart strives to change the perception of how computer science can be applied in everyday life. Through subject-based projects and comprehensive educator toolkits, we’re opening an inclusive CS learning pathway for all students.

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We’re driven by a desire to transform all students from consumers into creators. Learn more about what it means to be a TechStarter!


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TechStart is powered by project-based experiences, designed to expose you to some of the most exciting technologies powering Facebook today.


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From on-the-ground events to social learning communities, TechStart offers up many ways for educators to access the resources they need.


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It's important for us to acknowledge and showcase the accomplishments of our TechStarters. Take a look at the awards that we offer!


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By showing how computer science is currently pushing innovation across a growing number of industries, we’re opening the door for students to choose their own direction while creating unique projects they can share with their friends and family.