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Every student and teacher should have the chance to explore the world of computer science. TechStart offers high schools cutting-edge technology and expertise from Facebook, with the mission to inspire and support the next generation of tech leaders.
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TechStart strives to inspire, educate and celebrate its students and teachers through our opportunities, community, technology projects and personalized learning experiences.

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"Computer science would help communities and families everywhere. This is the reason why I study it and why you should too"

Mariela / Student / San Jose, CA

TechStart Starter Kit

The TechStart Starter Kit

Our TechStart Starter Kit is filled with resources for students and teachers, including our TechStart Teacher Guide, TechStart Student Innovator Guide, Facebook swag and more!

TechStart Starter Kit

The TechStart Equipment

TechStart equips its TechStart Schools with state-of-the-art emerging tech, including everything they need to start exploring with virtual reality.

Need help setting up virtual reality equipment? Download the TechStart Equipment Set-Up Guides below:

Computer Set-Up Guide Oculus Rift Set-Up Guide

It all starts with you

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